The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


‘Read this!”, my little sister said, dropping this book onto my desk.

“I’m busy with another books right now Mags.”

‘NO! READ IT NOW!’ She exclaimed with an imperious look on her freckly face.

What choice did I have but to read it?

So I sit down to start reading and two sentences in the dreaded word appears: CANCER.

Oh for crying out loud shes got me reading a bloody cancer book! Not only that it’s a cancer book about teenagers! Oh this is going to end well…sigh.

Well, I have to admit, one page in and I was completely hooked. This was a problem since I had chosen to begin this book at a time when I had a lot of university work on my plate.

I read every single chance I got. Time for a tea break? That meant reading while I walked to the kitchen and while I made the tea. Its not possible to put this book down.

Let me give you an extremely brief synopsis, I don’t want to give anything away because seriously you have to read this.

The story follows Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 17 year old girl with terminal thyroid cancer. At the very beginning of the story she is chauffeured to a cancer support group by her mother who insists what she needs is to talk about her impending doom. Here she meets Augustus Waters, another cancer patient who is in remission. This event is probably the most significant of her tumultuous life. Besides Augustus, a major character in the story is her favourite book An Imperial Affliction and its mysterious, reclusive writer Peter van Houten.

Now your typical ‘cancer book’ expectations are sad and tragic right? Well this book just totally twists your initial expectations and what you actually experience is a poignant, ironic and witty account of a life that is just so unfathomable to most of us.

This book succeeds at the difficult task of appealing to any age and yes, you will cry, you can’t avoid it so don’t even try!

There is a movie of this book in the works which I am pleased about IF it is done sympathetically and I have high hopes that it will be.

I read a lot and this is one of those books that shot straight up onto my list of favourite books and I IMPLORE you to give it a try.

Enjoy and happy reading!

The Opinionated Woman

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