How To Make Your Own Basic Bread Starter

Since my last starter, Stanley, died (RIP my yeasty friend) I’ve been meaning to make a new one. It turns out it took a lockdown me for me to finally follow up on this simple activity but hey, we’re all human. So I thought I’d blog the process of how you can make a basic bread starter (otherwise known as a Mother Dough) that you can use for a multitude of recipes to give your bread a boost in leavening and a richer flavour.  Only use if a recipe asks for one, commonly they ask for fermented dough a starter in the ingredients list.

This one is super simple so its perfect for those who are wanting to hop on the bread baking trend but aren’t ready to commit to the sourdough journey.

  1. Get Yourself a Container with a Tight Fitting Lid

 Choose a larger container to give your starter space to grow but won’t take up too much space in your fridge.

  1. The Ingredients

 250ml luke warm water

3ml instant dry yeast

180ml flour (bread, cake wheat or 00’flour if you’re bougey just not self raising)

  1. Mix ’em Together and Wait

Label, date it and store in the fridge, You’ll soon be able to see bubbles forming which is a sign of happy yeast.

  1. Feed Your Gluten Baby

 Yeast is alive and it needs food just like we do. Feeding your starter involves adding 15ml water and 15ml flour every 48 hours, just chuck the in and stir until combined. I find what motivates me to feed my starter is to name it, this way if you kill it you’ll feel much more guilty. Mine is called Arthur.

Stay safe and happy fermenting!

Get your free printable conversion chart below.

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