August Bullet Journal

Bullet journalling is an incredibly popular way of organising yourself that I was introduced to by my Mom. She came to visit me in Cape Town in 2016 and we sat on the balcony eating my homemade scotch eggs while she taught me the basics of the wondrous world of bullet journalling.

I’ve changed up my methods and style throughout the years but my bullet journal now is a way of me being physically artistic on a regular basis and to motivate me to be organised. I thought I’d run you through my August layout and show you how I’ve adapted it to suit me and my favourite collage style of arts and craft.

Theme Page

The top picture is my theme page. Every month I give myself a theme that I design my spreads around and I introduce it with the month. This month I went with a garden theme with some crafty shapes and silver accents. The pretty shiny wash tape runs throughout the spreads so i can identify each month in my journal.

Monthly Spread

This does what it says on the tin, I outline my month and add to it throughout the month as dates and deadlines come up.

Food and Exercise Trackers

Just some very basic trackers. Whenever I have an idea for dinners I write them on one page so I leave it blank with some themed embellishments.

The exercise tracker is just a dated list so I can keep track of what exercise I do when but lets face it, its just a lot of yoga and walking my dog.

Mood And Gratitude Trackers

These are my most important and fun to fill out trackers.

Because I’m bipolar its important for me to be able to keep track of when I go through dips and manias so I can pick up on any patterns and be able to reference it during my therapy sessions if necessary. I’ve found this cute little coloured coded bar graph style works really well for me and its fun as heck.

My gratitude tracker is a lot of fun. This month I used my amateurish drawing style to outline a little garden scene that has dates hidden around it. Through the month I write one thing that I’m grateful for and colour it in so by the end of the month I have a cute full colour garden scene full of gratitude.

Weekly Layout

I’m finding this vertical weekly layout is working really well for me right now, there’s so much room for activities! The droplets at the bottom of every page I fill in when I drink water to make sure I don’y shrivel up and die throughout the day. I also weekly track what books I’m currently reading, one physically and one on audio, in the last column which I find very satisfying.

And that’s it really. I hope you’ve liked getting a peek inside my organisation technique and maybe even given you some inspiration for yours.

Happy journalling nerds!

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