Mental Health Content Creators You Need To Know About

Social media gets a lot of flack about the legitimate toll that it can take on your mental state. All too often we’re scrolling through posts that feed into our insecurities and make us sink a little further into the bad place.

Today however I want to share 5 content creators that address mental health issues in a way that leaves you feeling stimulated, seen and a bit more educated than you were before you opened the app of your choice. I urge you to check out their pages, websites or videos and you never know, they might help you just as much as they’ve helped me.

Crazyhead Comics

Crazyhead Comics is an artist who manages to capture the essence of the issue she is tackling in each piece in a collage of words and vivid color that draws you in with its beauty and spits you out filled with knowledge. She has an impressive skill for really delving into the subtleties of each subject in a way that feels relatable yet also highlights how each person could experience similar things in a different way to you. I come away from viewing her art feeling both reassured in my own feelings and more open minded to the feelings of others which is so important in our fight to destigmatize mental health

I’ve also found her work to be a very useful way to communicate with others about my own struggles in a way that is beautiful and easy to absorb which usually results in some insightful conversations and a new level of understanding between me and my loved ones. I have shared the graph below with so many people that have asked me about bipolar in particular and every time I do I come away feeling more understood.

If you enjoy your work and have been inspired to support her you can do just that over at her Patreon.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a bloody ray of sunshine decked in high femme vintage glam with a laugh that can be heard for miles, brightening the day of whoever happens upon her.

Jessica is a deaf, lesbian Youtuber who was born with multiple disabilities that were only diagnosed in her late teens. This puts her firmly in the spotlight for intersectional own voices content that covers topics that include LGBT+ rights, mental health issues, ableism, living with disabilities and imposter syndrome with some fun baking, crafting and fashion videos sprinkled in for good measure.

She often makes videos with her gorgeous and witty wife Claud who is not only a delight to watch but provides unique insights into her own life experiences and a mixed race lesbian and how to effectively support your partner. Their video My wife is not an angel completely opened my eyes to the distorted way we tend to view partner’s of people with disabilities and made me cackle at the same time.

I really struggled to decide which video of Jessica’s to include here because there are SO MANY good ones but I went with this one in the end because she cleverly uses the #freebritney movement to shed light on the issue of conservatorship which I personally didn’t even know existed until this video. I encourage you to use this as the entrance to the rabbit hole of her content that will educate you and tickle your funny bone all at once.


COPE Therapy

Source: Cope Therapy

COPE Therapy is a South African organization established in 2010 that stands for Centre of Psychotherapy Excellence, It consists of a comprehensive team of specialists from psychotherapists and occupational therapists to social workers and addiction specialists to cater to just about any patient. Their goal is to use multi disciplinary treatments to encourage self awareness and understanding of mental health in each patient using whatever treatments suit the individual best.

If you aren’t based in SA never fear, COPE’s website is chockfull of useful resources and even has self assessment feature that helps you assess whether seeking therapeutic help could benefit your life since we spend so much time invalidating our own feelings.

They use their Instagram page to post inspirational quotes, bite sized pieces of advice and talking points that we can store away in our little coping mechanism inventory. The bold graphics always manage to make me pause my scrolling and take a second to ponder their words, ultimately leaving me feeling validated and hopeful.

Source: Cope Therapy

As someone who has been through their inpatient program myself I can testify to the gentle and loving approach that COPE has to helping their patients through dialectical behavioral therapy and just the general feeling of non judgmental support that this place oozes with.

For SA based readers they have a 24 hour hotline that you can call anytime you feel alone and need some support: 0861 435 787

Nedra Glover Tawwab

Nedra Glover Tawwab is a therapist, content creator and author who posts those little gems that make you pause your Instagram story and take in a little nugget of wisdom to percolate throughout your day.

Source: Nedra Glover Tawwab

Nedra specialises in relationship therapy and setting boundaries to grow healthy relationships with the people in your life. Beside the insightful and immensely helpful pieces of advice she also hosts weekly live Q&As with her followers.

I think creators like Nedra are so important on Instagram in particular because so often we are presented with staged scenes of happy relationships, whether platonic or romantic, that set a false standard of what a truly happy relationship looks like. Her words make you look inside yourself and examine the relationships you have, how they make you feel and how to make them more healthy or choose to cut ties for the sake of your own mental health.


Source: Sonaksha

Sonaksha is an artist I found very recently on Instagram and have become quickly enamored by. She is a queer illustrator, book designer and graphic recorder that strives to make art that is inherently feminist and, in her own words, art for social justice.

She uses a combination of short phrases and imagery, often including people and floral motifs, that you can’t help but pause at, to stop scrolling to take in the beautiful art and the empowering message at the same time. The phrases she uses flip flop between strong direct statements, a call to action, and lyrical pieces of prose that wraps you in a warm hug and lets you know its ok to be vulnerable and to express that.

Her work brightens up my feed in more ways than one and I highly recommend checking her out.

Be sure to leave your favorites in the comments below so we can flood our feeds with some more mental health awareness goodness!

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