What Year Would You Go Back to if You Could?- A Musing

‘If you could choose to be born in a different year what would it be?’

‘OMG I was totally born in the wrong era I If I could choose I’d be born in…!’

These are things I’ve heard over and over. Baffling me more and more with every instance. These statements, though not cruelly intended, reek of privilege, of the freedom to know that in whatever era you were born in you would remain safe and unpersecuted.

To be blunt it screams cis white, straightness. And if this offends you then maybe my corner of the internet is not for you.

For me?

Well I’d choose to go to the future.

A future where it is not illegal in 70 countries for me to purely exist as a woman who loves women.

Where there are not 11 countries where me and others in my community would be put to death because of who we are and who we love.

A time when trans people are accepted fully as the valid people they are, free to live their lives without fear of discrimination or losing their life for having the audacity to be who they truly are. Where we globally recognize that gender is something that we humans have cultivated for ourselves and those that set out of these perceived boxes are not vilified.

When people of colour have every privilege afforded to those of us that just happen to have less melanin and they don’t live in fear of those who are meant to be there to protect them snuffing out their lives for something as simple as going to the corner store. When racial prejudice is a distant memory of an outdated society.

A world where victims and survivors aren’t told we were ‘asking for it’ but are instead loved and supported, and the guilty are condemned without question.

But maybe I’m being too hopeful, maybe this utopia only exists in a parallel universe and not in our timeline at all.

We can always dream.

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